New Apartment, Who Dis?

I told people before I would give everyone an inside look into my new apartment when I moved in, and, well, that has taken a while. But now, a little bit later (1 month & 5 days later!), I’m finally getting around to it. In the middle of September. You have my full permission to use this as an indicator of how my life is going.

But my first apartment! It’s pretty rad. I do still miss seeing all the amazing people from my floor last year every day, but having some real space is nice. Plus, my roomie now is just as cool.

Our apartment now is way out in the boondocks. And by boondocks, I mean not immediately connected to a dining hall and somewhere that sells coffee. But let’s be real here, if it takes you more than a minute to walk to class, you’re officially in the boondocks.

We’re clear up on Dodge Street, pretty close to the new Hy-Vee. On the bright side of this, getting groceries is very convenient, but on the downside, getting Chinese food is very convenient, so money isn’t a thing for me anymore. (Side note: don’t bother working at all because you will spend your money in 0.2 seconds)

The first colorful part of our apartment is right as you walk in: the living room:dscn1891We ultimately decided to go with a coffee theme, since it matched the walls and carpet so well! But the living room is a typical college kids’ living room – futon, minimal lighting, and flags for decoration. We got creative instead of the classic American flag by replacing it with a Human Rights Campaign flag, because (controversially) Macy and I view ourselves as equals. I think… 🙂

dscn1897The other half of our common area is the dining room and kitchen. As you and the contractors could see, the dining room is just an afterthought. I almost forgot to take a picture of it. But it’s no big deal, because who can afford to eat in college anyway?!?dscn1901The kitchen is only slightly bigger, but the fact that the fridge isn’t a mini fridge is in itself a blessing. There’s enough room for our coffee maker and toaster, and that’s all you ever need in life.

My bedroom is also pretty small, but I’ve made do with it. When I first moved the bulk of my stuff in, I forgot how small it was, and tried to bring my queen sized bed in. That worked out so nicely, we took it out almost immediately. With the smaller twin bed in the room, we were actually able to fit my desk in, and now everyone is happy.dscn1916The theme in my room is somewhat chaotic, since I already bought a few things and didn’t want to re-buy coffee-only decór. In place, things like a rainbow flag and Hawks for Hillary shirt were obvious choices.dscn1918

And lastly, my desk is the real masterpiece of the apartment (at least in my eyes!). Not surprisingly, I got it at IKEA, and also not surprisingly, I spend most of my time sitting at it when I’m in the apartment. dscn1929The sheer workspace is enough to fit my printer, my (giant) laptop, a few open binders, my calendar, my lamp, and whatever miscellaneous things need my attention. Oh, and my coffee!

The location may not be ideal, but the personal touches we’ve made make it a nice place to trek back to every night. Even though we’re in a complex with virtually all other college kids, we haven’t noticed any wild partying or noise at all, although it likely helps we’re on the top floor.

The only real problem I’ve noticed is the free parking spaces we get, which means I have to buy a car. I mean if it’s free, can I really afford to not buy a car?!?

Hopefully you liked the aesthetics of mi casa. I’m aiming to get it on MTV’s Cribs, if that’s still a show. If you didn’t like it, feel free to write me a strongly worded letter, because nothing is more persuasive than vivid words received days after they were written. Let me know if you have any more ideas for decorating our apartment (preferably coffee-themed but if not that’s also cool).


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