Books for the Beach


Remember those days in elementary and middle school when your teachers pushed ‘summer reading’ on you? Remember how you rarely remembered to sit down and pay attention to an actual book back then? Well now you might take comfort in sitting back, relaxing, and cracking open one of those hardcovers for an afternoon in the summer sun.

After a solid week of work, I realized I hadn’t been to the beach at all this week, so I figured I’d finally take the time to start a new book as well. I headed off to the Hawaii State Public Library this morning, and was amazed at how massive and furnished it was with all types of genres.

DSCN0659IMG_2148The library is arranged over two floors, and the entrance (above) brings you into a balcony room with wings branching off to three different sides. The entrance is grand, but as you get into the stacks, it loses its grandeur in an attempt to fill as many books as can fit into a somewhat limited space:DSCN0660That’s not to say the rest of the library is ugly; the stacks open up to a courtyard inside the middle of the building and sprawling common areas perfect for reading.

After quickly finding the book I was searching for, The Lovely Bones, I went to check it out and waited in line less than a minute! While it’s not the same as my hometown’s library, the building and people working there (plus the air conditioning!) were a great place to visit while in Honolulu.

And usually when I go to the beach, I simply plug my earphones in and close my eyes to enjoy the sun and sand, but pulling out a book instead was a great way to switch things up. Instead of listening to the same songs over and over, reading a new book or chapter every time you go to the beach I’m sure is a bit more exciting and interesting no matter what genre you’re into.

IMG_2149Oh and side note – The Lovely Bones is a bit of a murder/suspense book set from the eyes of the murdered girl in Heaven. I’m only a couple chapters in now, but from what I can tell, it’s a very heart-wrenching but worthwhile story to read. I’ll let you know if any shocking plot twists develop!

-Anders 🙂


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