4th in the 50th

It’s that time that only comes once a year – parades, BBQs, and fireworks – the 4th of July. One of America’s favorite holidays, our nation’s independence is marked every year by family and friends coming together and celebrating in their own way.


This year, I had the opportunity to spend Independence Day in another state for the first time – Hawaii! Living close enough to the beach, I hurried over after work and witnessed the fireworks display in the distance from Waikiki Beach. They ended around 9pm, but the view without them was just as magnificent:


The cool ocean breeze kept the temperature down, and it was refreshing to be right on the water and in the throng of things. And although the season is slightly hotter in July, there was no shortage of tourists there to celebrate our independence.

It’s funny to note how Hawaii is one of the only states that was once its own country, and that tried to declare its own independence from the U.S. However, although they’re the most recent state we’ve annexed, they have wholeheartedly embraced the U.S. and our 4th of July!


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