Chasing the sun(rise)

Hawaiian sunsets get all the attention on Oahu, with tourists in Waikiki rarely venturing to the north side of the island to catch the sunrise. Living close to Waikiki, I admittedly have yet to catch a sunset on the beach, but decided to get my lazy butt up this morning and get to the north shore early.

Taking the bus in Honolulu isn’t always the most exciting thing, especially when you have to catch it by 4am and make a transfer. On the bright side, though, a 4am Anders is not at all prepared to drive and make quick judgments, and it was not crowded at all that early in the morning (surprisingly).

After passing through the mountains and driving through a bit of Kailua in the dark, I chanced my luck and got off at a random stop, not able to place where I was. Thankfully, after walking towards what I guessed was the ocean for a few minutes, Kailua Beach popped up before me.

The sun rises a few minutes before 6am here, and, with my mandatory coffee tumbler in hand, I pulled out my camera to capture the beautiful landscape before me:

DSCN0586Kailua Beach is scenic enough during the day, but during a sunrise, it’s quite the sight. Although it wasn’t busy, there were still a handful of faithful tourists and locals there to take in the sight.

Walking down the beach in this photograph (to the east) leads you to Lanikai Beach, which many locals claim is the most beautiful beach in the world. I chose to spend the rest of the sunset on the small rock outcropping separating the two beaches:

DSCN0598Before this morning, I couldn’t say I’d ever even watched a sunrise. Who knew how rewarding it would be just to sit and watch an everyday occurrence? If you visit Honolulu or Oahu island ever, be sure to make the trek to the north shore at least one morning to witness this amazing sight. Whether or not you come to Hawaii at all, though, you might take comfort in relaxing, sipping some coffee, and catching the sunrise in whatever state you are in.

I spent another hour simply sitting at the beach and listening to some of my favorite songs, and it was the most relaxing time I’ve had in a while. This could be paradise. 🙂


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