Life in Color:

Hi there! Aloha, hola, and ciao; welcome to my blog! If you’re interested in traveling, coffee, and cats (ALL AT ONCE), read on. If you’re here for the OneRepublic reference, I sadly am not them. What I am is a young, broke college student who loves life and the world, and wants to see all of it before I die.

I plan on posting travel advice, various tips and tricks, and fun stories from day to day life on this blog. Be them heartwarming or good-humored, it’ll be as various as any real life in color. We’re all on our own journeys here, but I hope you’ll join me here and I can help you with your own aspirations somehow.

I go to the University of Iowa, but am currently spending the summer in Hawaii. Staying here for vacation wasn’t good enough, so I had to make it 3 months and get a job!IMG_1968(me!)




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